Brazilian Portuguese by the Induced Natural Method

Update January 2023

As discussed in ‘The Project’, the book will have 20 chapters and 20 episodes. By now, 17 chapters have been written, but most of them don’t have the accompanying episode. Out of 20, only 4 episodes have been finished.

I’m currently organizing all the content in a Word document, to plan the topics of the last two chapters.

After organizing everything, I’ll revise the previous chapters to correct any mistakes and try to make sure all the important content has been revised enough times. I will also try to distribute the content better: Some of the chapters teach way too much grammar content at once.

After making the necessary modifications, I’ll write the last two chapters, then finally finish the missing episodes. Lastly, I’ll see about the three last topics: illustrations, reviewing, editing and the actual publishing.

So, what’s left is:

  • Finish organizing content
  • Redistribute content and add reviewing for important content
  • Write last two chapters
  • Write missing episodes
  • Do illustrations
  • Review whole book
  • Edit the book
  • Publish